Compression Socks – Do or Don’t

We had the great pleasure of testing several different compression socks from different manufacturers ranging from SLS3 to CEP and after months of testing in all kinds of different climates and conditions, here is what compression socks can really do for you.

Here is the summary – ask us for individual reports on 2XU, CEP, BV Sport, Bauerfeind, SLS3, X-Socks, The Mobile Society, Skins

It sure took a little time to find the right compression socks for us but overall we have to say: We love’em. No matter if you are travelling long distance by car or plane, if you are running endless miles and want to fatigue later or if you are running short distance and want to gain some added power. Compression socks can help.

We have divided this test into long distance, short distance, travel and recovery. For any further questions you may have about them – shoot us an email to

We are not going to throw stuff like ‘better blood circulation’ or ‘higher oxygen levels’ at you as this has been a real life test and not a laboratory test. It is all about what you feel and experience whilst and after wearing compression socks.

LONG DISTANCE – probably the most effect here

Compression Socks are definitely a great tool for any endurance athlete going the longer distance. Increased performance through better and more powerful stride, significantly delayed fatigue on long runs, fast recovery after workout resulting in higher ‘quality’ mileage during training and less to no more Achilles issues even after long mileage on hard surfaces are the main effects we’ve experienced.

SHORT DISTANCE – less about recovery and more about performance feel

In comparison to the general opinion, compression socks are also great for shorter distances such as 10k races.  A more powerful and effective stride will benefit your running and results. Use a version with foot to add support to your ankles on uneven surfaces.

TRAVEL – no more feeling sluggish after long flights and rides

No matter if you are driving or flying. The sluggish feeling you used to have after departing the plane – GONE. Even after 12 hour flights we felt fresh and ready for the next workout. Uh and as a side note – they have a really nice warming effect on overly air conditioned planes.

RECOVERY – At work, at home, when out and dancing

If you feel like dancing in the evening, chance is you didn’t train enough during the day. However, if you have a job that requires a lot of standing.: Compression socks really take the pain out of your legs and wearing them for 2 hours after a tough workout will help your legs to be fresh for the next session.


We have tested all socks in temperatures ranging from 110 Fahrenheit in the dessert to 15 Fahrenheit in snowy mountain terrain and yet there was not a single situation in which we did not appreciate wearing them. No matter what the distance is – compression socks are legal performance enhancers. However, it is important to find the right pair and size for you and depending on the sport it might be better to get a pair of sleeves or calf guards rather than socks (for example for triathlons). The one negative point you have to deal with in cold climates is that extensive wear of compression socks leads to added drying out of the skin. Nothing a little body lotion can’t solve though.