6 Post Workout Steps to Great Recovery

We’ve all “know” what to do to recover after a good training session. We’ve read it somewhere, a friend told us something about it or that annoying dude who keeps catching up with you on your favorite training run and just can’t shut up and enjoy the beauty of the run…

…still so many of us struggle to incorporate it into our routine. Quick refuel, stretching, icing, resting, eating, drinking – we all know it but when, in which order and how quickly after a run is the often overwhelming question.

If you are like me, you will most likely be be annoyed with all the options and especially after a training session you don’t want to “think”. Overwhelmed as we are we instead opt for not doing any of the things or maybe one and just forget about the others…until the next training session for which we feel tired, sluggish, stiff – it just doesn’t feel right.

Reality though is – it is really simple, doesn’t take a lot of time and it takes 2-3 training sessions and you’ll have the rhythm down.

It is only 6 steps to great recovery, better training benefits and greater motivation for the next session.

The 1 hour after run time table:

5-7 minutes after – Hydration and Quick Food: about 12 ounces Electrolyte or Sports Drink and a hand full of raisins for quick sugar if there aren’t any in your sports drink
5-10 minutes after – Clothes: Get out of your wet training clothes and put something fresh on to prevent your body from cooling down too much
15-20 minutes after – Food: Provide your body with a mix of protein and carbs to reload and to help muscle recover
30-45 minutes after – Stretching: Stretch your body gently to boost recovery, muscle growth and flexibility thus preventing muscle soreness and injuries.
45-60 minutes after – Ice baby Ice: This is the time for the infamous ice bath to prevent soreness. About 5 minutes should do the trick.
60- 90 minutes after – Relaxation: If possible take 15 minutes to lay down and relax your body a little

Try to incorporate this routine into your after training schedule and you will see great improvement in your recovery.

Good training!