Gluten Free Living – Miserable Failure!

Ok, just a couple of weeks back I started the attempt to live on a gluten free and cow produce free diet for at least 4 weeks and document the progress. Unfortunately I have to say it’s much harder than I thought it would be. Especially in the middle of race season!

Nevertheless, one failed attempt is nothing – so let’s try again but in a slightly adjusted form. While reading forth and back I came across some great raw food or raw food style products that might just work fine or even better as a a race nutrition replacement. Right now I am trying to get my fingers on some RawBite Bars to give them a try and see how they work in training and competition.

The idea now is to give it another 4 weeks and try to live as gluten free as possible with a 100% cow free diet and as much natural food as possible. As a nutrition diary might get a little boring I will focus on writing down the little hick ups that might occur during this little 4 week trial!It’s a particularly difficult and stupid idea to come up with this right now – with 3 races lined up in this 4 week period, 2 huge race expo weekends for a client and 3 races to commentate! That means – there is a lot of traveling and irregularities in my eating schedule involved. Wish me luck!

Let’s get the party started! Today is D-Day!

Rock on and stay tuned,