Review – Craft Zero Extreme WS Long Sleeve

We know – it is hard to believe but we have to face the facts: Winter is coming up fast in many parts of the world. Especially in Europe. We met the the specialists from Craft and had the opportunity to check out some of their gear. Crafts focus has always been to produce functional wear from base to top layer and the functionality has to combine moisture transfer, fit and thought through features.

When we reviewed the Craft Zero Extreme WS Long Sleeve shirt – which by the way is a winter and fall product and it does not speak for the German summer this year that we already had the opportunity to test it in detail and bad weather conditions 🙂 – the shirt nailed it by combining exactly those attributes mentioned above.

The Craft Zero Extreme WS is a base layer product and we tested it both during sport sessions as well as during other outdoor activities such as gardening and other work.

Here is what we’ve experienced: The Zero Extreme is comes along in an ergonomic cut and provides a really snuck fit around your upper torso. A feature that is needed to keep wind away from your skin and keep your body warm. The Gore Wind Stopper front of the shirt is extremely well thought through as it extends over your shoulders to protect and keep your shoulders warm when you are cycling – even in the aero position. The moisture transfer away from the body is fully functional and no matter how hard we were pushing it in the sessions – our skin stayed dry all the time and the sweat was wicked away instantly. The snug fit allowed for an easy wear underneath a second and third layer and the high cut made sure to keep your chest and lungs warm as well without making you feel restricted.

As far as the quality is concerned the seems make a solid impression and even after a couple of rounds of washing the shirt looks like new. We will see in the long term test how it holds up but so far definitely the top wind blocking shirt we have tested. In addition to that the Craft products come along at a very fair price!

Our choice for running, cycling and skiing in winter and on windy cold days!