10 Nutrition Tips for Early Season Fitness

Hi gang, yesterday we talked about the 10 Winter Training Tips from our fellow athlete Ironbrandon and as promised in that article, today we will let you know about our 10 Nutrition Tips to get in shape for the early season, get the most out of your body during hard training sessions and discover energy you had no idea existed in your body.

Those 10 tips are the direct result of changing, testing, tweaking and adjusting our nutrition for years – on the one hand to improve performance on the other hand to fight the aftermath of glandular fever (Epstein Barr Virus). About a year and a half ago doctors wrote Till off – saying no more endurance sports for him – 3 months later he was putting in 15-20 hours a week at the Hannes Hawaii Tours Camps on Fuerteventura. All by simply turning around his nutrition.

This change in nutrition we are going to describe to you in a second is based on the more and more popular believe that our bodies need a more alkaline nutrition in order to process nutrients better, allow the inner organs to function perfectly and help your body to cleanse it self better. This change in nutrition will allow your body to cleanse itself without ever eating less, supplementing with any kind of cleanses, risking any down time by going through a cleansing program that is tough on your body. The only change really is what you eat.

So let’s get started:

1. Skip the white and the wheat flower. We all know that the polished white flour (in pasta, bread, tortillas, cakes, pastries, etc) has hardly any nutrients left and consists of nothing but empty carbs. When switching to whole flour still stay away from wheat and supplement with spelt, buckwheat or corn flower. It is easier for the body to process.

2. Skip any kind of cow products for 6 WEEKS. (no cow dairy, meat, chesse, etc) however, you can supplement with goats, sheep and soy products. The idea behind this is that the cow protein – not the lactose – is attacking the villi in your gut, thus destroying a lot of surface and making it harder for your body to absorb and deliver nutrients where they belong and also to rid itself of toxins. (This will help with bloating problems and once they recovered you’ll see that you have to eat less and still feel more energy flooding your body.) The common idea is that the villi recover after about 6 weeks without cow protein influence.

3. Stay away from industrial sugars (we know, a lot of people say stay away from any kind of sugars but we believe you should and can eat plenty of fruit, fruit smoothies, etc) and supplement with agave syrup or honey. You will soon see that you enjoy a constant level of energy throughout the day rather than having highs and lows as you usually do after eating, drinking sugary drinks,….

4. Add potatoes to your nutrition and a lot of them. They deliver a lot of nutrients and they work alkaline on your body – one of their most important features. Add them where every you can and eat instead of pasta and rice.

5. Add fresh fruit and vegetables to your daily nutrition. Vitamins, carbs and minerals contained in carbs and veggis are a must have for your body and can not be solely supplemented with vitamin pills. They are usually lacking the freshness and the micro nutrients. Fruit and vegetables are often also high in fiber – on of the key ‘cleaners’ of your body and organs.

6. Invest into a juicer and a blender. There is nothing like a freshly squeezed juice to get the day started or a blended berry smoothie after a tough workout. These are easy made powerhouses containing minerals, vitamins, proteins, carbs and anything your body and brain need to function properly.

7. Drink plenty of water a day (we try at least 2 liters) and whenever you can drink flat water instead of sparkling water. Sparkling water is ‘sour’ and intoxicating your body. Of course sparkling water is still better than any sugary drink or not drinking at all.

8. Reduce sodium (salt) in your nutrition – most ready to eat products contain a lot of sodium and our bodies have to fight with it every day. Help your body to restore to it’s full potential by adding more herbs, spices and lemon to your food rather than salt.

9. Cook at home as much as you can. It will take a little time to get used to it and it takes a little adjusting and thinking but you will quickly get used to it. Don’t get discouraged – the same way you wouldn’t give up on training / racing only cause you had one bad race in between.

10. Adjust your new nutrition slowly – again as it is in training you don’t want to ask too much of yourself from one day to another. Switch out the foods slowly, get used to cooking more at home, experiment with new ingredients such as corn, spelt, Quinoa, etc and find the right way for yourself to go more alkaline.

Alright – we know it’s been a lot to read but trust us – this can really change your life / energy levels. In the next couple of days we will introduce some of our favorite foods which are not all that well know yet, post some of our top ‘easy made’ recipes to help you out with some ideas!

If you have any question, need more background on things or simply want suggestions on recipes, books about alkaline eating,etc – comment away: we will reply!