Natural Running v Barefoot Running v Minimalist Running???

When you google ‘Natural Running’ it throws out almost 700.000.000 results and you can easily add another 5.000.000 for the term ‘barefoot’ running and 16.000.000 for ‘minimalist running’. Reason enough for us to take a closer and longer look at … Continue reading

Reviews: Craft Cool Mesh Superlight Sleeveless Shirt

Do you sometimes wish your clothes would help you stay cool on a hot training day? Living in an area where most training rides, runs or outdoor activity take place in the heat?

The Craft Cool Mesh Superlight Sleeveless Shirt might just be the solution for you.

We have tried the Superlight during both – intense outdoor work and all sorts of training rides and run and it has quickly developed into one of our favorite sports garments.

There are the claims made by Craft:

  • Full lightweight mesh
  • Big mesh construction for super ventilation and cooling features
  • Ergonomic cut for total freedom of movements
  • Soft and comfortable fit
  • Keeps your body fresh during exercising
  • Excellent moisture transportation

And we have to say: We fully agree. There is a reason why the Trek Leopard Team is was using this shirt as a base layer during the Tour de France

The shirt wears very comfortable thanks to it’s ergonomic cut and most of all – it provided the cooling effect we wished for. The moisture transfer was superb to the next layer and away from the body and we don’t know if it is the special six channel fiber or simply the wide superlight mesh that is allowing your body to stay cool for a longer period – but it works.Of course – you shouldn’t expect it to feel like you’re carrying around ice cubes in your sports top – it is more of a ‘I am overheating slower than usually’ kind of effect – which by the way can make all the difference in training and competition.

Wearing the Superlight simply leaves you with a more comfortable feel on your skin and in your body during exercise in the heat – no matter if you’re running, cycling, hiking or any other sport.

As it is with most Craft products – they come along at really fair price.

The Cool Mesh Superlight Sleeves is a must have for hot training days!

Rock on!