Oakley RadarLock – Product Review

While some sports and lifestyles still have to do some catching up on the Oakley brand it needs no real introduction in the world of triathlon and endurance sport.

If we ask around fellow athletes the Radar is one of the most liked sports glasses for endurance sports and the most common feedback we get is:

– because of the comfort after hours of running and riding
– the quality of the product
– they trust the lenses to protect their eyes
– the custom options when it comes to lenses
– cause it’s Oakley (no kidding – that’s what we been told and let’s be honest. Once you’ve tried an Oakley it is hard to go back :-))

RadarLock_matte glacier_black iridium polarized

Enough of the boring talk – that’s all stuff you know already (well, most of you – to all others: Go try it out) but let’s get down it dirty! To all you Radar lovers – you’re now officially OLD SCHOOL! There is a new star in town and while it’s been around for a little the really new thing about it is – ‘you can dress it up pretty now’ and show off your individual style.

The talk is about the RadarLock – the younger, cooler, and improved brother of the Radar – and you can customize it now.

Testing and comparing the Oakley versus the RadarLock!

Oakley Radar versus the RadarLock!

Let’s start with a quick look at the RadarLock though and compare it a little to the Radar. What we’ve seen a lot with the Radar in the past is that despite the option to use different lenses with one frame not a lot of folks around us really took advantage of it. They either rode with one and the same lens in every condition or they had a second pair of glasses with a different lens for foggier days or riding in the woods. Why is the question though??? Because to change the lens you still had to kinda twist the frame a little and pull on that lens and frankly, is that really what you wanna do with your favorite new little toy that you spent so much money on. Apparently for many the answer is no.

…and exactly that is the problem Oakley solved with the new RadarLock. There is a switch called the Switchlock™ Technology that easily allows you to take out one lens with one little push , put another in, lock the switch and your good to go!  Little SIDENOTE: it also makes for an awesome ‘after ride’ drinking game – in our case using protein shakes – for example ‘blindfolded RadarLock lens switching’ or ‘speed lensing’. 🙂

Radarlock_Path-_Polished_Black_w_Black_Iridium__OO9181-01_In addition to that Oakley just started the custom program for the RadarLock allowing you to customize your favorite RadarLock. You can choose lens color, shape and text, icons, ear socks and band color!

When it comes to riding the RadarLock it offers just as much comfort and protection as the Radar but you have the added bonus of the Switchlock™ Technology that makes it real easy to change your lens and enjoy your Radar that fraction more that you need as a perfect excuse to get a new Oakley.

Radar – we love you but you are benched! The RadarLock is on!!!

Rock on – the Dudes!


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