Cube Litening Super HPC Race – Bike Review

How much better does it get? Mallorca, sunshine and Cube latest 2012 weapon for the road available for testing! We took the Cube Litening Super HPC Race out for a test and road it up the winding roads to the Cap Formentor on Mallorca (including some of the worst turmac we had seen in a while)

Before heading out for the ride we were a little worried – we did read up on the bike and a review by a renown magazine stated that the Litening Race is a weapon on the road but it’s lacking comfort – combine that with shitty roads and your back can be in for treat. Well, we were about to find out!

The Cube Litening Super HPC Race on top of Cap Formentor, Mallorca!

The beginning of the tour was straight into head wind – perfect start – but the bike handled it pretty well. We were doing surprisingly ok. After about 20k it was time to get serious. The first 4k uphil were waiting for us and the very moment we got out of the saddle for the first time I was instantly reminded of the Australian saying: Wholy snappin’ Duck Shit! You can literally fly up the hill with this bike and pushing the paddle out of the saddle feels like the back wheel is almost in the air. All kidding aside – the forward momentum was insane und truly unexpected. We had ridden 9000 Euro bikes before and the Litening is a mere 3500 Euro in the fully loaded version (and we weren’t even riding the top of the line wheels).

What goes up a hill needs to come down a hill and we were ready for our first 2k descent. The Litening still doesn’t do the riding all alone and downhills do require some technique but if you got that down it’s rocking roll on that bike. The serpentines where flying by and out of every turn you could let go of the breaks insanly early riding the rest of the turn like the bike was on tracks.

After another solid 11k or so climb it was time for the grant finale! How would the bike do on high speed sections mixed with narrow turns and seriously damaged turmac? Remember: Somebody said the bike doesn’t offer a lot of comfort – let’s say that: Hell guys – YOU ARE WRONG! The bike stays on track no matter how fast you’re going and if we’re still feeling comfortable enough to take our hands of the handle bars at 60k an hour going downhill on crappy roads (to put the glasses back on after a tunnel) it’s a clear sign the bike sure is a smooth ride.

Here is some data:
In a 58 the frame weighs in at just a little over 900 gramm
We road the bike with Sram Red
DT-Swiss alloy training wheels
Schwalbe Ultremo ZX tires
Syntace Race Flex seat post (this is most likely what makes for some extra comfort)
Overall weight: 6.7 Kg

If this review sounds like we’re excited about the bike – it’s cause we are. Truth be told despite the bike costing ‘only’ 3500 Euro in the fully loaded version it offered more forward drive / power efficiency than most other bikes we’ve ever tested. Combine that with superb climbing and descending qualities and a really cool look – you’re in for a real high end treat at an unbeatable price!

There is no doubt that this will be our next owned bike!

Rock on and let us know if you have any questions.

The Dudes!


5 thoughts on “Cube Litening Super HPC Race – Bike Review

  1. Great review, now i am really excited……have my new cube litening arriving this week! They are a great looking bike and the finish is as good as a number of the high costing euro bikes that I have owned!

  2. Good to hear! My 2010 model (with me on) got hit by a car in the city (thankfully no more than 30 kph) and the frame broke. Now I am waiting for the insurance to buy the 2012 version. It´s the best bike I´ve ever used. Totally at par with Pinarellos and the Ridley I had previous.

  3. Great review guys. I hope you are right cos I’ve just ordered one (with 30% off as the 2013 model is now available). Was worried about comfort but sounds like its going to be ok. I’ll let you know how I get on!

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