Scicon AeroComfort Bike Travel Bag Review

It was an uneven competition but let’s start with the final verdict in the competition between high end soft case and hard case bike travel bag. The soft case is taking home the honours!

We received our Scicon AeroComfort a couple of weeks back and were excited from the first moment we received it. It is high quality manufacturing Scicon is offering with the AeroComfort and a well thought through product as well – it must be for a reason so many top bike teams use this bag. The details in the bag might seem a little frightening at first if you’re not used to a soft case but with the help of a quick look at the Scicon website it was quickly handled.

It is tough to point out all the advantages of this bag but we’ll try.

– High quality manufacturing
– Solid positioning of the bike inside the bag thanks to a built in frame that allows you to hold your bike in place with your skewers.
– Extra derailleur protection so you won’t have to take it off ever again
– extra handle bar and saddle straps to hold the bike in place
– great cushioning / protection for bikes and wheels (seperate bike cases built in)
– sufficient amount of compartments for extra skewers, tools and bike stuff
– no need to adjust handle bars or saddle. You can leave it all in one place.

Those are just some of the great features of the AeroComfort. It showed it’s true face when travelling to Mallorca by plane the other day. Putting the bike into the case did not only save a lot of time but also a lot of nerve. We didn’t have to take the seat post out or tilt the handle bars. Simply take out the wheels, put the bike into the frame, fixate with skewers, put the wheels in the built in cases and ready! Next up was the drive to the airport where we realized the bag was taking away much less space than the hard cases and it did fit upright into our small car. Even the overall weight was much less than many bike cases (including the frame it weighs in at under 8KG).

Since we were a little late we had to rush through the airport and it was a delight working with a case that had wheels rolling in all directions. No more unease when handling your bike case. You can roll it forward and sideways!

The bike arrived safely on Mallorca despite all the ‘rough’ airline treatment and nothing was out of place when we opened the bag – which by the way looked way better after the torture of a flight than our hard case did. We had stuffed the empty space in the bag with all the belongings (helmet, nutrition, shoes, tools) that we usually carry around in a hard case as well and we saved a lot of time again building the bike up. Take it out, put your wheels in and off you go!

Especially our ‘smaller sized’ women in the group are excited about the AeroComfort as it makes travelling so much easier for them!Lighter weight, all direction wheels, smaller size as you can squeezed the soft case where there is usually air in a hard case, smaller rental car, easier build up of the bike and way easier to carry! Need more reasons? We didn’t think so!

That is 10 out of 10 points for the Scicon AeroComfort! Sorry hard case but you are history!


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