Skins RY 400 Compression Tight

We gotta say – when we were given the opportunity to test the Skins RY400 Compression Tight we were skeptical to say the least. After all we had tested their first edition calfs a couple of years back and they failed the test miserably.

Since then Skins has put in a lot of effort with new designs, gradient compression and the very popular RY400 series. Reason enough for us to take a closer look at the RY400 Compression Tight.

The first test came after a longer run and ride that left our legs tired and we instantly jumped into the compression tight after returning to the home base. The first impression was:

– nice feel
– good quality
– solid seems
– good overall fit in the size M we were trying
– really liked the flexible knee area for added comfort
– nice gradient compression feel
– good look

Ok – 1st point to Skins but then again the calfs back in the day felt really comfortable as well and had a nice and smooth material. So the real question would be: How well does the Ry400 support recovery!

The compression tight provided a really nice, gradient compression from the calfs all the way up to the thigh. You could feel the compression nicely supporting recovery without being too intense or lacking any compressing sensation as we’ve seen in many other products. They felt – just right!

The next day we got on the bike again for an even longer ride and our legs felt surprisingly refreshed so we tried to whole ritual all over again for the next couple of days. Hurting our legs during the day, coming home, putting the RY400 on and enjoying the compression and recovery.

The Skins RY400 was a total surprise. All skepticism vanished after the first try and ever since the compression tight is a constant companion after every run or ride session. It provides great feel, great fit and superb compression and recovery. Of course at the end of the day with compression it comes down to personal preference and your believe that it can support your recovery but if you are open to try it – the Skins RY400 Compression Tight is one of the items to put on your list!

We’ll try to get our hands on some more of the RY400 products to see if the entire line is taking active compression wear to a whole new level!

You can’t be sure until you try it – rock on!

The Dudes!


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