New Year – New Toys: The Magnic Light

With the new year there is usually new toys and gadgets for us endurance athletes popping up in the market. With all the expos coming and going late winter and early spring is the ‘happy consumer time’.

There is always several categories of new toys: The ones that pretend to be cool, innovative and really exciting but they aren’t. Then there is the ones that are really useful but also really, really boring. There is the ‘We wanna have this but if we don’t get it right away: Out of sight, out of mind’ category and then there is stuff like the Magnic Light. Cool toys that are definitely jumping our ‘must have line’ all the way to the top if they work anywhere as good as the prototypes promise.

What is the Magnic Light is the big question? Well, they say it best with their own words: ”Magnic Light is the first contactless dynamo driven bike light system with no additional components in the wheels. Energy is drawn from the rotating bicycle wheels by strong magnets without friction. This new technique is the basis of our completely encapsulated bike light with no batteries and no external cables but with an enormous efficiency factor.”

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Here is a short video introducing the Magnic Light. It’s definitely worth sparing those 3 minutes cause if they get this up in mass production the road is getting a hell lot safer and we are loosing a mayor excuse not to ride / work out in the evenings or early mornings!

We talked to the inventors today and they are confident we can test ride the Magnic Light in early March – so fingers crossed and stay tuned to find out if this really is one of the great cycling innovations of the year!

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