New Product: Coffee on the go – The Growers Cup!

A nice freshly brewed coffee in the morning, the smell of fresh roast and then the first zip that wakes you up. A good coffee in the morning is absolutely priceless to a lot of us but what to do when you’re on the road, don’t trust the coffee that’s offered in the local restaurant and if you’re outside hiking, camping or running multi-day races?

As long as you have the opportunity to produce hot water The Grower’s Cup promises you an unseen alternative to your freshly brewed at home coffee! According to their website they are only using the best beans, careful roasting, organic farming and it is a Fairtrade product.

The use of The Grower’s Cup is simple – brew hot water, open the bag, pour hot water in, let stand for 5-8 minutes and enjoy freshly brewed coffee! Sounds a lot like instant coffee – doesn’t it? Well, it isn’t! According to the producer it works more like a french press. It preserves the natural oils of the coffee and therefore enhanced the overall taste! If you take a closer look at the website – it really looks like the product is thought through: The beans are ground in the bag and then directly aroma sealed, hand picked and carefully selected berries and slow roasted….. Well, enough of the talk! All that really counts it: What is it all about!!!

One thing we can tell you for sure – we won’t be able to tell you anything about preserved oils or anything scientific, we haven’t been to Bolivia or Guatemala ourselves to check out the conditions there but frankly: We take their word and trust in the Fairtrade and Organic Farming label on the coffee bags! What we will be able to tell you about after testing a couple of coffees is – the TASTE, the SMELL, the EXPERIENCE…and isn’t that what it comes down to in coffee. At least for the everyday John and Jane like you and me??!!

We had the first cup earlier today – their Guatemala Blend (they also have Bolivia, Nicaragua, Honduras and Ethiopia in their organic range) and we were pleasantly surprised! It is a simple to use product, the smell when opening the pouch was surprisingly fresh and the taste after brewing it for 8 minutes was actually quite enjoyable! Enough to finish the entire cup and to be willing to take the Grower’s Cup to a further test!

Over the next couple of days you might wanna stay away from us as we’ll be high on coffee and pacing up and down like a comic character on speed cause there is a lot of coffee to be tested. We’ll try to find out which is the tastiest blend, how simple is the handling in the outdoors, what is the perfect brewing time and so on!

So stay tuned for your coffee fix – The Grower’s Cup might be the perfect solution for your next adventure trip, 24 hour bike race, multi-day running race or everybody who doesn’t own a coffee maker!

Rock on!


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