2012 – A little more natural!

The new year has started and we are ready to rock! In 2012 you can expect everything to be a little more ‘natural’ – more natural food, natural / barefoot running, natural sports clothing…but don’t be fooled. There will still be some cool, modern, hardcore non natural stuff we are keeping an eye on – there will be something for everybody!

On the natural side we’ll start with a closer look at natural running shoes and socks – not the kinda ‘natural running shoes’ that still have a 9mm heal drop or a 12mm cushioned sole! We are talking as minimalist as we can get! For example. Sole Runner, VivoBarefoot, Vibrams, Merrel Gloves and so on! We are also taking a closer look at the whole natural running movement versus barefoot running (yes, there is some divas insisting on the right use of words here :-)). There is some great interviews with the real starts of the natural running movement in the pipeline!

On the not so natural side we have some cutting edge sports nutrition for pre, during and post workout coming our way! We’ll be looking at new bikes for 2012, functional clothing and so many more things! You can also expect a new look to the blog in the early season and a little more modern touch with more video reviews!

Of course we always welcome your feedback and ideas about things you want to get tested, reviewed or simply introduced!

Stay tuned and keep rocking!

The Dudes!


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