Introducing – GROUNDED

GROUNDED – is a silicone bracelet with a hologram to get you grounded. In this case GROUNDED stands for a lifestyle potentially combining positive effects such as inner peace, mental focus and a more balanced self.

The concept we have seen before – no doubt but there is a couple of unique attributes to GROUNDED. Some other companies offer you a 2 year life span on the hologram- whereas GROUNDED is using a high end quality that promises a long lasting life span of the hologram. The come in many different stylish color schemes and the minds behind GROUNDED put a huge emphasis of giving back to the community. The reason being that GROUNDED in their eyes is not only a product that can influence your life in a positive manor but as we mentioned before – a lifestyle. The goal is to reach people and have an impact on their life with every step GROUNDED takes. May it be through their product or their charity and club work.

We have tried the GROUNDED bracelet and talked to the makers of GROUNDED and here is what we can say for sure:

– The silicone bracelet is very comfortable to wear and comes in 2 sizes from small (Number 6) to large (number 8).
– We like the choice of color schemes from laid back black to stylish transparent with light blue lettering.
– The guys behind GROUNDED leave a genuine impression

…and here is what everybody has to try for themselves:

– It is hard to tell with a product like this what the real influence on your lifestyle is and how much of it comes with the hologram or how much of it is simply your mind. The great thing about it: It doesn’t really matter as long as it you feel a positive impact.

If you ever thought about trying a hologram product – this might just be the one to go with. It’s stylish, it feels good, it offers high quality materials. The rest is up to you to find out!

STAY GROUNDED and if you want to find out more check out their website or Facebook


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