Sziols – Sports Goggles with a Concept

At the Outdoor Expo in Friedrichshafen we had the pleasure to bump into the founders of Sziols Sun Glasses and quickly realized: There is not a lot the guys/girls at Sziols did not think about. We had heard of Sziols before thanks to Gregor Komescher – an endurance athlete who has raced the RAAM amongst other things – who told us that after many years with Oakley he switched to Sziols cause of their many advantages.

We quickly got our hands on a pair of Sziols – which we would call Concept-Sunglasses – thanks to their well thought through concept and the mix and match options between frames and lenses.

The idea behind Sziols is to produce long lasting, durable sun- and sports glasses with a superb vision.

We got ourselves a frame and several different lenses from clear to dark and in different shapes for running and cycling. Sziols is offering different shape lenses with different filters to assure perfect air circulation and clear vision without fogging even during extreme workouts.

We have tested the Sziols for a couple of months now under several conditions – bright sun, rain, storm, running, cycling, 24 hour bike racing and so on. The frame fits very nicely and comes along very light. Each frame comes with 2 nose pieces that allow for 4 different fits depending on your facial shape and preference. In general the lenses are a little further away from your lashes to avoid discomfort and allow for prescription glasses to be fitted underneath.

The different lens shapes for running and cycling do a great job no matter if it is raining outside or you’re sweating in the sun like crazy. There is no fogging but also no wind in your eyes. The different color and shape lenses can be easily switched with a single twist of a pin on the frame that is keeping the shades in a fixed place. A fantastic tool especially when you’re out trail running or cross cycling and mountain biking. You can easily switch lenses depending on where you ride – the woods, in the soaring sun and so on. (TIP: If you don’t want to switch lenses in between go for the red ones. They are especially made to keep the sun away from your eyes but also to show the contours on the ground in the woods.)

All materials Sziols is using are anti-allergic and the glasses are indeed very durable. Each frame comes with a special add on that keeps the sweat away from your eyes when cycling (can easily be taken off with one single move if you don’t like it)

The one downside with Sziols is – they are made for sports and  activity. From cycling to running, skiing or indoor sports – for that they have sacrificed the style a little. Sziols are sunglasses we would wear for sports anytime but not necessarily for the Sunday afternoon walk with friends and family 🙂 For sports though those glasses are perfectly thought through allowing for more individual adjustment than we have seen at any other brand – and all that for a great price.

So if you don’t belong to the category that needs / enjoys designer glasses – this is the one to go for if you want the best glasses for a steal!

Check out their website to find out more about their design, special glasses for kids indoor activities and much more! There is so many great features and ideas behind it that it would take up to much space to get into detail with all of them.  SZIOLS

Rock on!


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