Brain Up! – Are you awake?

When we first came across Dr. Mothes Brain Up! we were intrigued. It was the claim ‘Dr. Mothes Brain Up! Effect Drinks’ and the fact that they were advertising the product in the sports market. First of all: What is an Effect Drink? and secondary: Why do I need a Brain Booster for my workout? We needed to know and just a couple of days later we received the a box of 12 portions to try!

We will go a little more into detail about the product this time as their own website is in German only at this point.

Brain Up! itself is a product that is focusing on the popular market of micronutrients. The nutrients the human body requires to function perfectly but unfortunately hardly receives through modern day nutrition. The product was invented by Dr. Karl-Georg Mothes – a physicist and student of nature – to promote his own mental endurance during long hours of work and research. His aim was to find a combination of natural ingredients that deliver the necessary micronutrients to promote mental strength and stamina that can be added beyond sufficient sleep and meditation. With the help of leading physicists and nutritionists he developed Brain Up! with natural ingredients such as Guarana, Green Tea, Mate, Koffein, Vitamins and Magnesium. One of the key ingredients setting Brain Up! apart from other products with similar claims is Glycerlyphosphorylcholin – part of the Soy Lecithin which has shown tremendous effect on mental endurance in recent research.

The Effect Drink is a newly developed chain of drinks to promote mental and physical endurance. In the case of Brain Up! it was possible to produce this drink in a handy 60ml portion thanks to the new LIQUITECH-Technology. Dr. Mothes is currently planning do develop further EFFECT DRINKS to effect individual problems such as mood swings, insufficient sleep, tension, etc)

Intrigued by the claims and the natural ingredients we decided to go for a 9 day trial. We also wanted to see how being mentally more alert could effect our training.  We started off with 3 days of 1 portion before a work out and 1 portion after the workout followed by 6 days with just 1 portion during the day. After 2-3 days we couldn’t tell that there was an immediate effect or anything – we had solid workouts but didn’t feel any major changes. By day 4-5 we started to feel the difference. We actually became more awake – not only during the workouts but also after tough workouts – allowing us to get back into work with a stronger focus than usually after a tough session. By day 6 it became evident that the mental focus had increased and actually helped us perform better during interval sessions and sprints. Now after 9 days we can say that Dr. Mothes Brain Up also seems to have a positive impact on recovery after sports.

There is no real side effects but there are 2 things to watch out for:

1. if your react sensitively to product such as caffein, green tea or guarana – start of slowly and increase the dose day by day. You don’t have to drink an entire daily portion at the beginning. Otherwise it can give you the jitters.

2. During morning sessions on an empty stomach with only Brain Up! we developed a slight heart burn. So try to eat a little something before using Brain Up if your stomach reacts the same.

– you want to increase mental performance during long hours in the office, presentations or studies
– improve athletic performance
– speed up recovery
– you don’t have long hours to recover after a sports session and need to be instantly alert when returning to the office
– during long drives or any other activity that requires you to stay alert and awake
– if you are looking for a natural product that is backed up by research and studies

Enjoy and rock on!


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