Back on the Gluten Free Track!

Howdie folks, just a little while back I started my first attempt of the year to go gluten free and failed miserably! It only lasted a couple of days and I wasn’t able to pull it off with all the travels, eating in hotels and so on. It was a little surprising as I had so much success with it last year – which should have been incentive enough.

Just recently now I started writing up a nutrition plan for a friend who’s training for a long distance triathlon – the Challenge Copenhagen – next year and he urgently has to drop some serious weight. Sitting there and writing it all up about gluten reduced nutrition, avoiding cow protein, industrial sugars, grains wherever you can and adding lots and lots of base / alkaline foods is all I needed to get it into my head for myself again.

Let me tell you – a little over 2 weeks into it (I only had gluten twice) it is working wonders again. The pounds are dropping, the mental and physical fitness is sky rocketing, skin is feeling way better, digestive tract is fully functional and I am feeling ready to rock again.

Something people are underestimating is the change in mental strength and focus the right nutrition can produce. Reducing your gluten intake drastically and adding more base food might just be what you need when you’re feeling sluggish, have problems focusing, feeling tense, lacking stress resistance and so on.

If you want any tips on how to get started and stick with it drop me a note.I will also keep you informed in detail on how the nutrition is affecting me over the next 2-3 months.

Enjoy the off season – and rock on!


4 thoughts on “Back on the Gluten Free Track!

    • Hi Neil, first of all thanks for reading the blog.

      There is 3 main areas I am focusing on in my nutrition.
      1. avoid any kind of cow products – this is not because of lactose but the protein in cow products. The idea behind it is that the human body has gotten so used to it due to the massive intake over the years that we built sort of an intolerance. Alternative medicine claims that the cow protein is attacking the intestinal villus, destroying them and thus killing a lot of surface that is build to transport nutrients and fend off toxins. Intestinal Villus takes about 4-6 weeks to recover. So it is worth trying to avoid all sorts of cow protein for that period of time.

      2. I am avoiding gluten where ever I can. Especially wheat and white flour. Personally I have gotten to the point where I try to avoid as many grains as possible but if you still want to eat your bread, pasta from time to time try to supplement with whole spelt flour products. It is amazing how changing this is effecting your physical and mental health.

      3. I try to eat as alkaline as possible. Also known as base nutrition. Especially bad for you is meat, industrial sugars, alcohol, white flour, rice and stuff like that. If you google ‘base foods’ or ‘alkaline foods’ it should throw out some lists of foods for you. Watch out for any sparkling drinks: carbon acid is something you want to avoid as much as possible.

      Overall I personally supplement my carbs a lot of potatoes, lots and lots of potatoes. Also corn and by eating lots of fruits. I am starting every day with a freshly squeezed beet root, apple, lime, carrot and ginger juice. I have a home made musli with nuts and buckwheat flakes. For lunch it is often pan fried potatoes with goat cheese, olives and sun dried tomatoes. For dinner it is either some version of potatoes again or corn cakes with veggies and so on.

      Neil, I hope this helps – if you have any more questions: let me know! Rock on!

    • As a vegan you’re on a very good path. If you want to tweak it even more let me know and I’ll send you some suggestions. But in general you’re doing very well with the vegan nutrition in terms of base nutrition.

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