WORLD PREMIER Gear Review: The yogomat!


Many of us triathletes work out fifteen or more hours per week, spending tremendous amounts of time on rides, runs, and swim workouts. While yoga can have considerable benefit as we have discussed earlier on one of our cross training topics, fitting another workout into our schedule becomes nearly impossible if it requires carrying around a full-size yoga mat – UNTIL NOW. Enter the “yogomat”, made by a company of the same name, yogomats.

The yogomat was developed by Ryon Lane, CEO and Founder of yogomats, after he became frustrated with trying to run to yoga classes and back with a heavy, bulky yoga mat strapped to his back. After creating a few prototypes, Lane discovered that the yogomat has many more applications than initially thought. Because the yogomat folds up and secures with straps and locking snaps, and is no bigger than a folded newspaper or a large burrito, not only can it secure to the outside of any backpack, but it easily fits inside backpacks, purses and other bags.


The implication to triathletes? If you want to fit yoga into your schedule (and beat the competition), you now can. The yogomat will fit in any running backpack or transition bag while still leaving plenty of room for your other gear.

Others who might seriously benefit from the yogomat (and cease lugging around a huge yoga mat) are anyone who:
– wants to go to a yoga class directly from their office (ladies, this means you can put it in your purse!)
– has always wanted to practice yoga at the top of a mountain, on a remote beach or in the jungle (use your imagination)
– wants to continue their yoga practice while traveling


The first thing you notice about the yogomat is that it is really small. As in, smaller than a bottle of mineral water or a loaf of bread. Folded and secured, the yogomat measures 12″ long x 4″ wide x 3″ tall.

As you carry it in one hand, you can’t help but think, “there is no way this thing is going to unfold to the size of a yoga mat.” But then you pop the locking snaps open, and in one swift unfolding motion (like draping a tablecloth over a table), the yogomat unfolds to 24″ x 72″ – a full-sized yoga mat.

At 1.5mm thick, the yogomat initially looks a little thin for comfort, but even on hard floors and cement, it does a good job cushioning your tailbone, elbows, knees and even head. The yogomat has a very grippy surface textured for traction even when exposed to moisture.

The yogomat is made from biodegradable, recyclable, sustainably-harvested natural rubber. That sounds like a mouthful, but what that means is that the yogomat is made from materials that come from renewable resources (rubber trees) and won’t add to more garbage in landfills.

One of the best things about a yogomat? After you’re done practicing yoga, rather than having to clean the mat with rubbing alcohol (as most mats require), you can rinse it and hang it up to dry. By using the same straps that secure the yogomat when folded, you can hang it from your shower curtain (or a tree) after you’ve rinsed it with water in the shower (or a high mountain stream).

It seems that with yogomats, now you have no excuse not to do yoga!

Rock on!

2 thoughts on “WORLD PREMIER Gear Review: The yogomat!

  1. As a yogi and a triathlete (along with a full time teacher and mom to five boys), I appreciate this review. It is difficult to try to fit everything into a single day, let alone all the gear needed to do those things. Space savers = good. Thanks again.

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