On-Running Cloudsurfer – a running shoe review

Those are 3 of the key selling points mentioned on the On-Running website. If you take a second to listen to their video you’ll some other factors they are bringing to the table are:

– Normal running shoes only minimize horizontal impact but not vertical impact which according to them is the one really causing the damage to ligaments and so on.

– On-Running’s Cloudtech Technology combines perfect shock reduction with a maximum energy output when pushing the foot off the ground

Well – companies can tell us a lot – we took the Cloudrunner to the test for the last 9 months to see what the buzz is all about.

The Cloudrunner is certainly an interesting shoe – especially when usually preferring a rather light running shoe with little cushion – two factors that most certainly do not account for the Cloudrunner. However, the first 300 meters wearing this shoe where sensational. The sensation of kicking your own butt with every step. It is truly amazing how your feet bounce of the road with every step thanks to their Cloudtech technology.

During our runs the Cloudrunner has proven to be especially beneficial during your first runs after a hard training session or a race. The tired legs and heavy impact an athlete tends to experience when getting back into running after a tough race practically did not exist. A fact that leads us to believe that their cushion system does indeed protect the ligaments more than other shoes might do.

On the long runs the shoe allowed for a good technique and sufficient stride beyond the point where our legs usually tend to get tired. The shoe certainly allowed to keep the pace up for a long time.

On the short runs the shoe really seems to help you speed up and put some serious pace onto the road.

Despite a lot of positive features such as: Great shoe to run barefoot in, thought through technology, allows for a very active run style even when getting tired, comfortable fit and so on we did not fall in love with the shoe. Which is mainly because of the heavy weight, the soft cushion (just way too soft for us – it takes away a lot from the athletic feel to a running shoe) and the high position you have in the shoe due to a thick mid-sole and cushion system. Fortunately those are the most subjective features in every running shoe test. Features a person has to decide for themselves.

There are testimonials on their website such as: It’s like running in clouds which we were unfortunately not able to proof or test…and we will never try to run on clouds! Promise!

We’ll keep and use the Cloudrunner as an added training tool – for the first longer runs after the winter break or an early training session after a tough race! On the other hand – the shoe could be the perfect shoe for anybody doing triathlons who has trouble maintaining a solid run stride throughout the final run. This is the area where we see the most benefit in running the Cloudrunner!

Rock on!


10 thoughts on “On-Running Cloudsurfer – a running shoe review

  1. hey-
    nice review, I somewhat come to the same conclusion as you. but a must say if you take away the loss of contact with the ground and use more energy to propel forward- this has a great impact on the wear and tear on your ankle, knee, hip and even the spine. which to me is like what shocks work on bikes, it protects your body, reducing impact forces.
    However , do you have info on who made this shoe other than being a swiss engineer ? who owns the company ?

    thnx bjorn (chiropractor and triathlete, Oslo, Norway)

  2. Hi, hope you’re doing great…
    I’m about to buy the cloudsurfers, I already decided it, but my only concern is… I remember I read somewhere something about the size mentioning that these shoes are a little bit bigger than the rest of the shoes, have you heard something about it ?
    Since I’m training for a half marathon, I’m currently using size 13, ( my actual size is 12 ) should I consider to buy the 13’s as well ??
    Thanks for your help bro !!
    Regards !

    • Hi Angel, from my experience they did turn out to be a little bigger. I went 42.5 European in those instead of my usual 43 in running shoes.

      Very comfortable shoe to run with!

      Hope that helps mate!

    • Hi Sheri – a lot has changed since we tested the first version out on the market. They have a much lighter, much more aggressive version out now!

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