Gluten Free For A Month – Or Longer?

They beautiful thing when it comes to an athletes nutrition is – there is just as many different opinions on it as there is on what the right training approach is. Sometimes you have to wonder – what of that stuff is scientifically proven? Is living dairy free just a fashion? What’s up with raw food living?

Well, those of you who have followed this blog a little know – What do I care about science, studies and other stuff! I stopped believing in a lot of it a long time ago when struggling with glandular fever. ”I am much more of a hands on and let’s try it kinda guy” I went down the path of the what I call it ‘Ohne-Kuh-Kur’ (‘Without-Cow-Cure’) last year and I have to say: With great success. The idea behind the ‘Ohne-Kuh-Kur’ has nothing to do with lactose intolerance or anything like it – it is the alternative practitioner’s approach that cow protein is effecting the bowel in a negative way thus taking away a lot of surface for nutrients to be absorbed and for toxins to be kept out of the body. According to their idea the long term ingestion of cow protein is producing little cracks in the bowel area allowing toxins to enter your body. The bowel requires a period of roughly 4 weeks to recover – so that is the minimum time you should stay away from cow protein. Well, long story short: I had some serious success with it – if you wanna know more about it I will write a separate post.

Todays post is much more about the idea of gluten free living – another approach to a supposedly healthier way of living. The most common reason is the Celiac Disease in which the body produces an autoimmune reaction to gluten. Something I don’t have – my reasons are different. The idea behind this test is that gluten heavy products in general are rumored to be very tough on the digestion, help viruses and germs grow and feed in your body and thus is limiting the overall function of your body! According to reports gluten free living can help you feel fitter, stronger, mentally more alert, boost the bodies function to burn fat and much more!

Therefore the idea for me is – a 4 week gluten free diet. I am sure my coach is happy to hear that 2.5 weeks out of the first highlighted race of the season 🙂 – but hey, we don’t wanna make it too easy on the coach, do we now 🙂

In the next 4 weeks I’ll keep you up to date on how I am progressing, changes in my body, alternative ways of cooking, I’ll be looking into gluten free alternatives for sports nutrition such as Picky Bars and so on! So stay tuned!

No more of that stuff for breakfast!


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