Tech Buzz: Polar RCX5 Multisport Heart Rate Monitor

The boys from Polar have done it again – combining sleek design and super features with best functionality. At least that’s what they are claiming about the brand new RCX5, designed for multisport athletes.

True or not – that’s what we’ll be finding out once the RCX5 hits the market in early to mid May and of course we’ll let you know via a short video.

Here’s the RC5 on paper:

– A new and improved S3 sensor now called S3+

– A new and improved GPS in a much smaller design that comes with an integrated  battery that can be charged via USB and is supposed to last longer than the prior GPS on batteries. It’s now called the G5 and is delivered with a matching arm strap for running.

– The new Polar wearlink that is combining their coded technology at 5GHz and their W.I.N.D technology. Thus allowing to receive your heart rate date outside as well as in the water. This is a major changed if they can actually pull it off. The best thing is – the wearlink chooses the best way to measure data in any given situation resulting in way less heart rate ‘black outs’ than we are used to in heart rate monitors.

– Easy switch between different disciplines such as running and cycling making the RCX5 the perfect tool for triathlon and mulitsport racing

– With the improved training software it is now an easy task to sync your Polar with a Mac as well and graphics, data etc will be displayed in a much more visual way.

The coolest thing about the new RCX5 however is the fact that it can be used with your old equipment such as the G3 and so on!

The RCX5 is hitting the European market in early to mid May in the running version at 349.95 Euro (in Germany) and in June as multisport version running at 389.95.The first shop in Germany to carry the RCX5 will be the TRI11 online store

We’ll keep you in the loop – in the meanwhile check out their little intro video:


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