Top 15 Triathletes of all Times

Did you read the recent article on Triathlon Competitor about the ”Top 15 male Triathletes of all Times”.

Is it just us? We really can’t agree on the list – where are guys like Lothar Leder, Peter Reid, Luke van Lierde, Norman Stadler and so on. Do you really think a young kid like Alistair Brownlee has earned his place in this list already? and if so – where is Michael Raelert. You could go with the argument that it is a list put together by an US writer and a lot of the missing names are European. Peter Reid isn’t – Michael Raelert has been blowing apart 70.3 distance races in the US for the last 2 years!Where is Scott Tinley?

The list could go on like this – we just wanna know your opinion – accurate list or bad research?


2 thoughts on “Top 15 Triathletes of all Times

  1. I hate lists like this. Of course there are icons like Dave and Mark, Paula and Chrissie who belong at the top of the list no matter what. The problem is that ALL these athletes are so amazing that there is no real way to put together a “Top 15” list. In fact, I personally would have a difficult time putting together a top 50!

  2. Simply put, there needs to be a points system put together that weighs not only the value, quality, and important of wins, but the number, records, consistency, etc all need to be factored to remove bias, and truly allow athletes to be ranked based on their actual scores. USAT’s rankings aren’t perfect but something along the lines of this works for me. Anyone feel like writing the “Moneyball” code for this? .

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