Product Test – Rocket Science Transition Bag

The Rocket Bag by Rocket Science was our design favorite from the moment we picked it up. The bag has some outstanding features such as water proof zippers and a water proof, removable wet clothing bag.

The inside of the bag ist he highlight for any neat freak. There is a pocket or compartment for almost any piece of triathlon equipment. (Including a seperate glasses holder as well as a reflecting light holder – the lights are not included).

One of the top highlights of the bag is your very own transition mat you get along with the bag, as well as the removable wetsuit pocket.

Compartments/Pockets: One main compartment divided into 6 smaller compartments for wetsuit, running gear, cycling, leisure clothing, nutrtition, as well as 8 additional pockets on the outside. (For hear rate monitor, wallet, triathlon pass, nutrition, a seperate helmet pocket with security straps, ….) One pocket for each item. You just might need to lable them in order to remember what you put where…

Comfort: ergonomic, cushioned straps, ventilated back and cushioned hip straps turn this transition bag into the most comfortable transition bag we have put on ever.

Quality: Superb quality, waterproof zippers and high end seams. Even the inside mesh is holding upi great. (we will have to watch this in long term to see any negative effects through extensive use.)

Summary: A top, top, top bag which could just be a little bigger and offer space for an extra pair of shoes. The bag is superbly thought through from beginning to end and offers a pocket for everything. Finally a bag that keeps your stuff dry – even in the rain. The space issue can be solved by carying the removable wetsuit pocket on the outside.

Trinited Design and Innovation Winner.

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