Product Test – De Soto Transition Bag

The bag we have tested is the 2008 edition  which has been slightly modified since then. There will for example be a top flat which is missing in the 2008 edition.

We have tested the De Soto Bag under many conditions and it quickly turned into the favorite bag for those testers who don’t care for too may comparments and extra pocket but rather for space. The De Soto Bag offers the most space of the bags tested.

Compartments/Pockets: A main compartment, a wetsuit or shoe bag, small pocket for wallet or triathlon pass and extra pocket for your training plan and start number. Thats it. The huge main compartment is really impressive and fits absolutely everything you need in racing and training. Ist just a little tough to keep things in order on the inside.

Comfort: Comfortable enough for racing and training but not well suited for longer walks.  Besides that – nothing particularly spezial to report.

Quality: Top material and top make. We believe it is impossible to distroy this bag. It is made to last.

Summary: Plenty of space for everything you need without too many details. Kept simple. Material and seams are top quality. The bag has a very charming retro look and we are sure we will see more of them around.

This bag is for you if you are looking for lots of space and don’t mind searching for stuff

Zipp Transition Bag Test

Yankz Transition Bag Test

Rocket Science Sport Transition Bag Test


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