Yaktrax – Product Review ‘first look’

The early winter 2010 was dominated by ice and snow in and around Hamburg and it made training almost impossible for us. We paid for it early in the season suffering from the little mileage we were able to put in running and cycling.

With the early months of 2011 facing the same forecast or worse than last year we had to come up with a solution. When we came across the Yaktrax Pro – Skid chains for your running shoes – we felt tempted and for 30 bucks it was worth a shot.

The Yaktrax are easy to put on – you simply slip them over the outer sole of your shoe, make sure they are in place and you are good to go.

The first test we did was a simple walk in the dark across a little snow and a hell lot of ice and it was an absolute revelation. Not only did the fit nice and snug (we even had to touch them from time to time cause we couldn’t feel them on our shoes – they are so lite and comfortable) and while all the other guys out there were slipping and sliding we experienced one safe step after the other.

The second test was a 60 minute run on mainly ice again – including running drills, pick ups to sprint and intervals. The Yaktrax allowed for an almost natural way of running out there – only when pushing hard of the foot it had the tendency to slip a little on really icy grounds but other than that – the perfect way of running in winter on ice. With the sun being up during the second session we even experienced a few of those moments where the brain plays games on you – just when about to step on really shiny and slippery looking ice during the run the brain was all ‘don’t do it, no no no, we’re going to hit the ground hard’ and the next thought was ‘wholly snap – we didn’t slide the slightest bit’ .

The Yaktrax seems to be a really great tool for running on ice and snow in the winter and the only downside so far – no more excuses for not running in winter time :-)’

In the next couple of days we will take a close look at the right sizes, what it feels like running them on asphalt in between and how the material seems to be holding up.

After that you’ll get a nice little video review with out final verdict.

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