Hawaii Blog III

After 5 days on Hawaii Big Island it is no less of a blast than it was on day one or two. Of course the days still stand in the sign of – adjusting to the time difference and getting over the jetlag.

The last 2 days we spent a lot of time in the water or running Alii Drive and it is a good choice when you’re coming here around the time of the race to be in the water at 6:30 – this way you still avoid the main crowd and you can watch the sun rise above the mountains to your left. We didn’t have the pleasure of swimming with the dolphins yet but watching all the different species of fish underneath you is a real joy – slightly distracting from what you’re supposed to do so: Swimming 🙂

The other day we took a trip into the lava fields just past Kona International Airport – what a great and impressive place – we highly recommend renting a 4×4 when you get here. After just a few hundred yards the road turned into a seriously bumpy ride leading through the black lava fields to a beautiful beach with coconut trees, coralls and beautiful sand.

We found some great little places to visit when coming to Hawaii for the first time.

– Crazy Shirts – to get good quality shirts with great prints and logos to remember your trip to the island

– Bike Works – legendary bike store that offers everything you’re looking for – not just for cyclists

– Kona Mountain Coffee of Queen K – great coffee and more great gifts to bring home – like a new leisure bag for the ladies made out of coffee bags

Those are of course popular and slighlty touristy places on the island but nevertheless worth checking out.

Time to cook some fresh fish now, listen to our favorite radio channel 101.5 KWXX and relax while the sun is setting over the ocean!



One thought on “Hawaii Blog III

  1. This is an interesting blog. I have enjoyed reading the contents. I am trraveling to the big island later today to work at the Ford Ironman Championship and watch the event on Saturday. The company for which I work, ECCO, has a world class athelte, Rasmus Henning, who will be competing for the championship. He is picked by many to win the event. Just an FYI, he will be wearing BIOM by ECCO. ECCO introduced BIOM in Spring of 2009. We were definitely on the leading edge of natural motion. Now, many of the traditional running shoe companies are “launching” natural motion running shoes. This excites us as these companies are slowly moving away from the traditional running shoe technologies they have been exclusively selling; motion control, stability and extreme cushioning. It also gives credibility to the natural motion concept and our leadership position in helping to pioneer this movement. You have blogged about two other lead companies Vibram and Newton. Please do yourself anf your readers a favor, test and write about BIOM. Best wishes to you in competing in the Ironman. Please come by the ECCO booth to meet us and see BIOM first hand.

    David Helter
    Sales Director – ECCO Performance

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