The Hawaii Blog – I

Ironman Hawaii – a race more talked about than most likely any other race in the world – and we are taking a 3 week trip to see for ourselves!

Day one took us to Los Angeles – after just over 11 hours we touched ground at LAX and moved into the Viceroy hotel in Santa Monica. Great place to live we can highly recommend to anybody traveling to LA. After a welcome Champaign we were off to grab some dinner and meet up with Chris McCormack and Paul Amey who just came back from an endless bike ride with Faris and some of the guys.

The next day and a half we took it as easy as possible, meeting some great people and making sure to get our daily coffee fix at Urth Cafe! (Still one of my favorite coffees in LA next to Corral Tree Cafe) A day later and many orange juices at Jamba Juice later it was time to board again – Hawaii, here we come. No doubt, traveling to Hawaii this time of year is a lot different to any other time of year. The plane was packed with bikes, transition bags and people were trying to flash as many Ironman logos as they could possibly wear at the same time. (Shirts, shorts, visors, etc)

Contrary to popular believe the flight from LA to Hawaii is still a long flight for a European. 5.5 hours but let me tell you – looking out the window when we finally reached Hawaii made up for all of it. Out of the plane, grabbing the bags and into the car is a very quick process on this otherwise extremely relaxed island. No long waits, a few brief words with all the familar faces at the airport – Hannes Blaschke from Hannes Hawaii tours was waiting for the first athletes traveling with him this year, Mirinda Carfrae was still waiting for her bike and Rasmus Henning was ready to head over to the Specialized homes.

Talking about homes – our places at the end of Alii drive is an absolut blast. Great view on the ocean, next to the golf course, 3 bedrooms, a great kitchen and an even better patio with our own pool! Welcome to Hawaii!

The jetlag was taking it’s toll on us the first night though and it is up to the first day – today – to check out the island!

We will keep you in the loop!

Rock on and Aloha!


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