Saucony ProGrid GetGo – A final review

Time for a final review of the Saucony ProGrid GetGo – a shoe that suggest lightweight and coolness when looking at it for a first time. It also looks fast.

The GetGo certainly does look cool in it’s bright green color and sporty cut and judging by that it is not only a sports shoe but a fashion shoe alike.

I first put the GetGo on after testing the Saucony A4 and knowing that I tried to give the GetGo as much credit as possible. I new I was used to extra lightweight, little cushion and little upper material around my foot so I ignored the first impression. The heel was a lot higher than your toes in the GetGo, the inside made my foot feel like I am wearing a pair of comfortable winter slippers. Hey I thought, whatever: ‚I look cool and I certainly will get the attention in my shiny shoes’ – ’’…blinded by the light…’’ –

Unfortunately I was all by myself out on the street and I had no choice but to fully focus on the run test. The shoe doesn’t seem to offer a lot of torsion, thus offering the foot only little freedom to roam around. I also expected a lot more cushion than it actually did. Unfortunately I had to cutt he run test short this day because for the first time in years I started getting shin pain – less than 2k into the run.

Since then I ran the shoe many more times and I have to say – my feet slowly started getting used to the GetGo and the runs started feeling way better. In terms of traction, durability and weight – there was nothing wrong with the shoe. Yet I never felt really comfortable and I wasn’t able to build up to long runs as my feet starting hurting after about an hour.

It would have been too easy to just write the shoe off though and I passed it on to a friend who was just getting back into running! From the first day on he ran faster times in this shoe (in comparison to his old worn out sneaker), suddenly his legs didn’t hurt after running and he even felt like adding a little extra loop to his runs. He really enjoyed the cushion of the shoe, the fact it guided his feet and offered a great amount of support.

This makes me believe – if you are an ambiscious runner who enjoys running in lightweight trainers and prefers his feet to move freely – the GetGo is a great shoe for you to go out and party and to wear to the gym. Not for running though.  If you are new to running or just decided to switch from a pair of standard sneakers to a good pair of running shoes – the GetGo might be a great choice for you!


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