Leguano – A Natural Running Shoe Test – First Run Impressions

Ok then – last week we’ve introduced the LEGUANO – a running sock/ shoe – following the natural running craze. In comparisson to a running shoe – this sock with it’s rubber sole appears to be a lot more ‘natural running’ – at least at first sight.

Since we wrote the ‘first look’ on the LEGUANO we’ve taken the shoe (we gonna call it that for now) out for a couple of runs. The first run was an easy 20 minute run accross trails and gravel roads and we have to say: it got us really excited about the LEGUANO. At first we were a little afraid that in the one hand – sharp stones could make it through the outer sole and secondly that it’s going to be really tough on our ankles and joints. However, our fears turned out to be for no good reason. We didn’t feel anything sharp through the sole despite stepping on stones, rocks, twiggs and god knows what. It was a really comfortable run but the shoe really forced us to focus on form and to concentrate on not pushing our bodies upwards but rather forward – the way it’s supposed to be. After about 15 minutes into this run you could really feel the muscles in your feet and calves work hard and it was a good thing we finished after about 20 minutes. The shoe definitely needs a little time to get used to. At least for the muscles and joints.

Leguano - Natural Running - A Tridudes Product Test

The first run was so exciting and gave us the feeling that the LEGUANO could really be a revelation and not just talk. Excited as we were we took it for a 15 minute warm up, 15 minute running drills, 6×100 meter pick up session and boy THE LEGUANO ROCKED!

The warm up was the same kind of feeling we had the day before, during the running drill session it already showed it’s potential. We got a really good feel for the ground as well as our feet and the drill session was a real pleasure. It was like having a whole new feeling for your body. Best thing though: the 6×100 meter pick up. It was just a super easy push off, quick lift and once we picked up the pace you could feel every inch from hitting the ground with the mid-foot to rolling towards your toes, grabbing the ground with your toes and pushing your body forward. A truly aswesome running experience.

We really do believe that this shoe is the best tool for working in your technique and really getting a feel for what your feet are doing. In addition to that our muscles in the feet and calves had to work really hard for the first time in a long time and we are shoe it will help us with the push of as well as stabilizing our feet.

It doesn’t matter if you are intending on becoming a ‘barefoot’ runner and wanna wear the shoes all the time or if you are looking for a new great tool to improve your form. The LEGUANO can help.

However – the way it is with every new tool – it’s the long term test that’s counting. So from all the excitement back to the realy life. We will continue to incorporate the LEGUANO into our running routine and will work our way up to long runs in them.

We’ll keep you in the loop – in the meanwhile: ROCK HARD!


2 thoughts on “Leguano – A Natural Running Shoe Test – First Run Impressions

    • Hey, they did last for a while – definitely better than the first edition, yet definitely not our favorite in terms of natural running. Especially not after all the movement and new announcements in 2011!

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