a little like running on clouds – in a good way. The comfortable,
happy, all smiles kinda way.

As we hoped for – to be honest – when we
looked at the Kinvara for the first time the shoe looks a little like a
Toyota Yaris but certainly runs like an Audi: Comfortable – yet super sporty. What it got in common with the Yaris – definitely not our first pick when it comes to looks.

being a fantastic shoe for us personally the Kinvara is not the same
revelation as the Type A4 was when running it for the first time, yet better than most we’ve run.
However – the shoe is targeting a different runner or at least distance
– so let’s wait until we got a little more mileage in before making a
final judgement. For now – let’s give you a quick summary:

the mere 213 grams the shoe weighs in with the biggest surprise got to
us right when we headed out for the first run. The shoe has an
incredible cushion for its weight. Not the kind we are used to from
past Saucony models (you know a little too cushy, a little too soft) no
– the kind that makes us believe that the shoe might just be the right shoe
for a marathon or the final run in a long distance triathlon. (no
worries – we’ll find out for you to make sure)

The fit was nice – easy to
adjust with it’s standard issue Yankz laces – yet nothing spectacular.
Don’t get us wrong – the fit is fantastic – yet not as good as the Type
A4 but equal to the fit of the Saucony Tanget which we so far preferred
over most other shoes on the longer runs.

We started our run on
some trails to check out the support the shoe is offering and it easily
withstand all hazards of a solid trail run (we ran accross rather
bigger rocks and roots, no loose gravel – still prefer a solid trail
shoe for that) but it was not until we hit the roads that the shoe
really suprised us for a second time.

The by Saucony so highly
advertised XT 900 outer rubber as well as the triangle lug design
promise exceptional traction… and boy the are right!!:

The XT
900 has an incredible grip on the street without sacrifising any speed
– actually it encourages you to go even faster with a natural forward
movement. With every stride the shoe felt like it just grabs the street
in the backward motion of the stride and makes you wanna push your foot
right forward again.

We know – this is the point at which the
argument about propper running technique, etc starts and we have no
interest whatsoever to get into that now. All we are saying is: Did you
ever look at a super fast runner – his shoulders and uper body always
stay at the same level. That’s cause the lift of the legs turns into a
forward force and that’s exactly what this shoe reminds you to do.

to sum it up – after a slightly bad start ( the looks ) we now start
to believe that even in a running shoe it sometimes is all about the
inner values and we would not be surprised if we stand corrected after
a couple of longer runs by having to agree – this might just be the
perfect long distance running shoe!

Stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “Saucony KINVARA Run Test – FIRST RUNNING IMPRESSION

  1. Thanks for the preliminary review. I just bought a pair of Kinvara’s yesterday and wasn’t quite sure if I can run them on dirt or trail. The guy at Road Runner Sports suggested that I didn’t but I have a feeling that because the Kinvara’s offer more cushioning (I could really feel the difference between them and the A4’s) that it may be okay with some mild trails. I will be testing them today.


      • Hi Tilster,
        Since my last post (Jun 23rd), I’ve put 124 miles and over 17 hours on the Kinvara’s both on and off-road (possibly a 40/60 ratio [off/on]).

        I absolutely love them in either scenarios. I’m simply amazed at the amount of cushioning these shoes provide while maintaining a low profile and light weight.

        On trails (dirt roads), rocks or debris are hardly noticeable. The traction is good and the bite is as expected…just enough. My road speeds are noticeably faster than on dirt.

        My turnover has really benefited from these shoes and my mid-foot-to-forefoot transition is just perfect with them as it provides a very efficient toe-off.

        At the track, I’m able to hit 2:50’s on the 800’s…something I would’ve had a harder time doing in my Arnuva’s.

        In prepation for a fall marathon, my long run yesterday (13.4 mi, 100% dirt route) presented no issues whatsover and feet felt great. I’ve also run them up Mags a couple times (10+ milers).

        Based on my 13-mile run yesterday and the way I felt afterwards, I think a marathon distance will be just fine with them, also.

        For me, the reason why I’m running in them 100% right now is because I will be able to take them back to RRS for a full-refund, so I’m just trying to put as many miles on them before I do so. When I get my actual pair, btw, I think they run 1/2 size larger, then I will just use them for track/speed workouts and races, and not trails. Not because I can’t but just to save them for the days that count the most.


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