Another Shoe Test – Saucony Kinvara – A First Impression

Ok boys and girls – it is time for some more testing. Today: The Saucony Kinvara!

A first impression before we take it out for a run:

We have to admit – the first ‘look’ is not as convincing as the Type A4 we testet last time. The shoe comes in many different colors ( we have the red version) and by just looking at it… it appears like a heavy shoe – which it turns out not to be. Weighing in at a mere 213grams thanks to the new ProGrid Lite.

The outer sole is looks fairly thick and like it’s not building a real unit with the rest of the shoe but slipping into it the shoe actually feels very much like one unit and thanks to the Yankz laces the shoe provides a perfect fit ( the laces are standard issue with the Kinvara )

The upper of the shoe is made of lightweight mesh but there is some sort of ‘plastic looking’ cover over it. We did not figure out the reason yet but we are hoping it does not influence the breathability in any negative way. We’ll know more after the run.

Saucony is promising a lightweight racing shoe that provides unbeatable cushion thanks to the super light ProGrid Lite as well as superior traction and durability thanks to their XT-900 rubber. If that’s what the shoe turns out to be – it’s one of the best surprise packages we’ve seen in a while. A little like compression socks – it takes some getting used to the look but the advantage ( may it be mental or physically) is outweighing the look!!

We’ll let you know more after the run!

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