Welcoming Ryon Lane to the Tridudes

Boys and girls – help us in welcoming a new member to the TRIDUDES family:

Ryon Lane – whom some may know as Ryon and others like us simply know as ‘The Runner With The Broken Neck!!’

We got to know Ryon when he was realizing that he was working way too much and needed to change his life. Remembering his running days back in high school he picked up running again and I have to admit – I did not think he would be kicking butt the way he did just a couple of months later during his first ultra marathon. (Yes – he skipped the whole process of running a half marathon or even a marathon first)

Later we had the pleasure to train with Ryon as he was planning to run accross America to raise awareness for a healthier and more environmentally friendly lifestyle only to be stopped by a freak swimming accident at the beaches of California which left him with a broken neck…. Giving up however is not Ryons style and that’s how he turned from Ryon Lane, to ultra running Ryon Lane, to Ryon Lane with the broken neck, to ‘The Runner With The Broken Neck’.

We are happy to have you on board buddy and we are looking forward to running with you!

Check out Ryon on www.ryonlane.com or Tridudes Facebook for more on Ryon!


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