Saucony Type A4 Run Test – A First Running Impression

Ok, here we go – Saucony TYPE A4 ‘The Test’

First of all: Wholy cow.

After a couple of easy runs in the road which felt really great we took the Type A4 out on a harder trail & road run and we actually do start to believe it is the best shoe we ever ran.

With 181 grams it is certainly a super light and direkt shoe and y…et it offered an unexpected level of cussion and support. Much to our surprise. As we mentioned before in our ‘a first look’ article about the shoe it appeared the sole of the shoe was much flatter than on the Type A3 and it is the best change they could have made. (with the Saucony Type A3 there was a tendency – especially on offroad runs – that made the upper of the shoe feel like its moving around on the sole, thus offering no real support for your feet)

The shoe fits like a second skin and the upper material is not moving around anymore on tough uneven surfaces. The shoe stays in place, always snug around the foot with a surprising support. That in combination with the low heel, the thin sole and the direct contact to the ground it built a better unit with our feet than we ever experienced before in any other shoe.

Two other things really surprised us – we kind of expected to feel every stone and every piece of wood on the trails as we were used to from some lightweight racers – but we didn’t. The other thing: Due to the thin sole and direct feel we expected a much harder impact on the road than we ended up feeling and though we are no heavyweight runners we are certainly no supper skiny ‘please wind don’t blow me away’ kinda runners either!

We probably wouldn’t run the Type A4 on the marathon distance as we personally prefer a little more cushion for those runs – but anything shorter the Type A4 is our new weapon! We are indeed madly in love 🙂

If you ask us if we can recommend the Type A4 for you – we definitely can: as long as you can control yourself cause it will certainly make you wanna run faster than your training plan wants you to. 🙂

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