Saucony Type A4 Run Test – A First Look

Can you spot the difference??? – Yesterday we promised you that today we would post a first impression of the brand new Saucony ( Saucony ) Type A4 racing flat which isn’t even out on the European market yet.

Fortunately we had a (slightly used) Type A3 to compare with. So here we go.

First of all – we are totaly stoke…d after the first impression of the shoe. Quite a few changes have been made, most of which seem to make real sense.

Point by point though:

1. It’s nice to have a running and racing shoe once in a while that is not following the trend of being super flashy in its colors but looks just the way a running shoe should look. Understatement!

2. The shoe appears to be even lighter than the A3 which already weighed in at a mere 196 gram. The A4 comes along at a super fast and ultra light 181 gram.

3. One thing we could live with but didn’t really love about the A3 was the sole which appeared to be slightly too thick for the overall make of the shoe. This has been changed drastically on the Type A4 and therefore makes for a much more compact feel around the foot. Definitely one of the main improvements of the new shoe.

4. The ‘drainage’ system in the sole which actually looked like a drainage system on the Type A3 in a single line which had the tendency to have sticking stones in it after running offroad has been improved a lot. First it comes in 2 lines now and the actual holes are right on the surface of the sole thus making it harder for stones to get stuck and much easier to get them back out once they get stuck.

5. Some love it – others don’t – the rubber bands holding the tongue of the shoe has been used on the Type A4 again. It’s meant to keep the tongue in place. Fair enough. We personally don’t like it so we simply cut it out! That easy. You gotta try that one yourself if you can bare them running barefeet or not.

6. The outside of the sole has been changed and in it’s way reminds a lot of the older DS Trainers – which we personally love because they had a fantastic grip even on dusty or wet surfaces. We’ll know more about that when running the shoe a few more miles.

7. Slight changes to the way the shoe is cut around the ankles. So far it doesn’t make it difference to us.

8. The triathlon friendly rubber cord on the tongue has been removed and only the one on the heel remains for easy grab and pull in transition. We are ot sure why this has happend and so far it is the only tiny downgrade we can think off – however, we of course tested it with frozen fingers and it is still super easy to put on in transition.

Overall the shoe makes a great first impression and we are surprised by how many changes have been made to the shoe. We are guessing – it’s gonna be even better and faster than the Type A4 – but we will know for sure in a couple of days! Bring the testing on!!!!

P.s. one is the used Type A3 and one the new Type A4 in the pic – can you guess which one 🙂


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