What a difference a cow makes :-)

Okay – again it’s been a while since we posted but we have a gazillion good excuses – hard training, a new Facebook presence and trying to chance the layout of our blog – but hey that’s not really what we want to talk about here – it’s about a fantastic experience we have made with one of our partners in terms of health,racing and nutrition.

However, I think it sounds a little more believable if it’s not us but a Swiss Pro athlete – Fabian Kremser who is talking about what I believe has saved my racing career. Biestmilch www.biestmilch.com

Check out his articel on his experience with the product: www.fabiankremser.com/news.html

We’ll be back on a regular posting routine now – thanks for keeping up the support!

Rock on,



2 thoughts on “What a difference a cow makes :-)

  1. It’s been a while since this post on Biestmilch and I’m wondering if you have further comments on it or Colostrum in general.


    • Hi Tony,

      Thanks for the comment – we’re just out the door for another training session but we’ll get back to you asap once we’re back. We actually really had the chance to test it some more and to learn about it’s effects.

      Catch you later,
      Rock on!

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