New Years Resolution? I don’t think so!

Howdie folks, Every year around December 31st I feel the group pressure creeping up my neck ‘New Years Resolution, New Years Resolution’ – I DON’T THINK SO!

So every year I decided that my resolution for the following year is not to have any resolutions and believe it or not – I usually get by with that resolution. It’s good to have friends.

Of course that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any goals or plans for 2010 but I strongly believe that if you wanna change something – just do it for crying out loud. About a year back when I was still working in a small but fine hotel in Switzerland I had this fantastic conversation with a guest of mine. Her new years resolution was the obvious choice – STOP SMOKING. ( I guess to stop smoking is among the top 3 new years resolutions to be made and probably the unchallenged number one in new years resolutions to be broken -ASAP!) Of course this lady was holding a lit cigarette in her hand when the conversation started:

G: ‘Till, this is going to be one of my last cigarettes. I decided to stop smoking after New Years’

T: ‘ Good choice but why wait until then’

G: ‘I enjoy them so much. I just really enjoy the taste of a cigarette’

T: ‘ Excuse me – you enjoy the TASTE of a cigarette. I smoked for 4 years, up to 40 cigarettes a day and I can honestly say that I did not once like the taste of the cigarette I was smoking’

G: ‘Well, I guess you are right – it’s not the taste – now I don’t feel like smoking this one anymore’

T: ‘Glad I could help’

What I am trying to say is – if it doesn’t come from the heart – it’s not gonna work – and if it is coming from the heart – it doesn’t have to wait until New Years!

Follow your dreams and make them come true every year.

Happy 2010.

The Tillster!


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