Newton Neutral Trainer – A Running Experience

If you think about Newton running shoes you most likely either hate them or love them. I’ve hardly ever heard a neutral opinion about them.

I remember that I used to run a pair a couple of years back in NYC but I got those about a half size too small so I passed them on to a friend shortly after buying them.

As you can imagine this got me even more excited when I got my first ‘fitting’ pair of Newtons about 10 days ago. A nice, shiny red pair of Newton Neutral Trainers.

It’s been an interesting experience over the last 10 days – of course I got so excited that I ignored all advice and ran the shoes 3 days in a row with a final 1 hour mountain run in the Black Forest the 3rd day. The advice was to take it easy and to add 2-3 short 3 mile runs per week and slowly built up over 3-4 weeks. Ah well, not me 🙂 Boy I can tell ya – my legs were hurting after the third day and I can only recommend to stay close to the given advice.

Despite the hurting legs though it was a real joy ride. Great fit, light weight shoe and the totally manipulates your brain – not only does it guide the foot into a rather mid- to forefoot position but it also tricks your brain into really wanting to hit the sweet spot in the front of the shoe as it makes for a really nice and soft impact and a powerful push off the ground. It is such a good push off that I really forced myself to keep running on my midfoot even after getting tired which usually makes me drop on my heels.

So far it’s only been 10 days and 5 runs overall including a 10k New Years Eve run yesterday. In comparison to many other runners in the net who report personal best shortly after buying their first pair of Newtons, I can not report a personal best – as a matter of fact I was about 5 minutes slower than my personal best but I also have to see – I lost ONLY 5 minutes and that was the biggest surprise. Taking into consideration that I wasn’t able to run the last 6 months for health reasons – I guess I ran an average of about 10 miles per MONTH over the last half year. So if you wanna take it that way, I ran 5 minutes faster than the time I was aiming for.

I will keep a close look on how it develops over the next couple of weeks and give you a final review of the shoe in late January. First impression: Feel great but I wanna see what they are like in the long run.

For now the Newtons are back on the foot and I am off to the mountains! Catch you later folks and a happy New Year!


Escorting my dad home in my new Newtons after finishing my New Years Eve Run!

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