The Real Spirit of Sports

It is interesting to see how your goals vary, depending on the current situation you live in. For example about a year ago I was running my first sub40 10k races and thought it’s gonna be a good year – of course it wasn’t as far as my sporting ambitions were concerned. Most of you have read the recent health post from me.

Today though – running a 44:49 at our local New Years Eve 10k was one of the most satisfying experiences I had in a long time. Of course a huge portion of this satisfaction is the feeling off ‘hey docs – watch me – I am coming back and you are ALL wrong!’ but the real deal today was to see 10 members of our family run this race in all different categories. From the 5 year old nephew to my 67 year old dad – everybody was on board!

It was just fantastic to see my 2 brothers race it out a little further ahead – to see one nephew battle it out until the finish line on the 10k (hell, who cares that he got dropped just before the finish line :-)), the other nephew just taking it easy and enjoying himself as much as he could and after finishing the adults race myself to jog back and run the last k with my girl friend and a little later with my dad again!

That is all I needed to end this year of as good as it gets and to be more than excited to see what 2010 has in the plans for all of us!

Be sure of one thing – we’ll be back! …and don’t forget: sometimes sport is a real struggle, sometimes it’s the easiest thing in the world but hey – it’s always gotta be fun!

Happy New Year!



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