Food seems to matter after all!

Howdie guys, thanks for checking back.

A couple weeks back I wrote about how my health issues impacted my racing, how docs didn’t see what was coming and how they then wanted to give me up as an athlete. Well, dear Mr. & Mrs. Doc – you are wrong.

Thanks to the doc who is helping me get back on track with nutrition liver cleanses and some sort of mineral infusions, I am getting back faster then expected. About 4 weeks back I was at least able to run a 3.1k cross run, real easy in an unbelievably slow 15:40min. I know, I know – darn slow but hey – 4 weeks prior to that I wasn’t even able to play another 15 minutes of tennis with my 12 year old nephew.

So last weekend I made it to the start line of another cross race. 3.2k this time with some serious hills throughout the run and I managed to finish the whole thing a hell lot better – it almost felt like racing. I made it 23rd out of 134 races which I don’t wanna complain about – taking into consideration what docs predicted. Even the ones believing in me think it will take at least a year – wait and see folks, wait and see.

I personally believe it’s all those changes in nutrition I have made ever since I was told how it could really help me. I haven’t seen any white flour, wheat flour, pasta, rice, alcohol or refined sugar in the last 6-7 weeks. Instead it is a lot of organic fruit and vegetables, lot’s of potatoes, freshly blended juices in the morning and so on. I even skipped all but one supplement. I am still hooked on Biestmilch ( which is helping me more than ever to deal with the stress levels in my body.

I want to believe that I am slowly becoming somewhat of an expert in nutritious manners. I strongly do believe that you can find almost anything you need in nature and that every penny invested into a healthier and slightly more expensive choice is a good investment. In the end you’ll end up paying a hell lot less in doctors fees, medicine, etc – so it’s worth it in the long run.

In addition to feeling healthier and stronger again, I am a much more happy person, much more relaxed, I sleep better, I lost excess body fat and I am mentally alert like I haven’t been in ages.

Wanna find out more about how I eat, drink and live – shoot me an email to

Rock on folks – season 2010 is coming up. No matter if you are a seasoned pro or a total newbie!

2 thoughts on “Food seems to matter after all!

  1. I think we need to push doctors to look past the obvious and to find ways to work with us on our goals, rather than giving them the option to encourage us to give up who we are. In my opinion, it is up to each individual to look at all aspects of health – medical, fitness, food – and create the whole picture. Sounds like you think like me.

    Isn’t it great, pushing the boundaries?

    • Donna, you couldn’t be anymore right! Thanks for the post. It is time that people start listening to their bodies again rather than relying on doctors 100%. I do believe doctors do have their purpose but at times they are a little overwhelmed with the variety of viruses, infections and so on!

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