Getting back in the groove!

Howdie folks,

I can’t believe how much time has passed since the last entry. Time is really running these days. Between learning a hell lot about my health and my body and doing all I can to get fit again – there is work, prepping our charity race and somehow my girl friend keeps insisting on spending time with me. Odd. 🙂

My recovery is coming along a lot faster than I – and the doctors –  expected – though I gotta say: I am doing whatever it takes for it. I am managing about 3 easy 30 minute runs each week now + some trips on the bike to the office and I even had my first 30 minute core workout yesterday.

It is amazing how rewarding those short sessions feel when you know that it is more than you can expect.

Yesterday we met a couple of our charity supporters at a tri expo somewhere in the midwest of Germany. Really great guys showing us a lot of support. I will tell you a little more about it sometime this week.

For now it is time to try the brand-spanking new juicer I just got – it’s supposed to get up to 50% more juice out of the fruit and veggies and maintain 8 times as much in minerals, vitamins, etc. We’ll see. I’ll keep you in the loop.

Rock on folks!


Using every spare minute at the tri expo to get those legs moving.


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