Health Issues

For a while I wasn’t sure what to think after the docs finally figured out what’s wrong. I knew for years that I wasn’t myself ever since I had glandular fever (Eppstein Bar Virus) in 1999 – 2000. It had indeed struck me fairly bad with 3 infections leading up to the actual breakdown, 3 months recovery in bed, several infections the year after, 4 years until I was able to run for more than 15 minutes at a time without having a day long migrane like headache and so on and on.

Over the years I guess I learned to live with the fact that I couldn’t train to my potential. Every time intensitiy and volume increased I was able to keep it up for a couple of weeks before catching a bad cold or some form of energy loss. Sometimes it took 3-4 weeks to recover from a simple cold and unfortunately – most of the time – it caught up with me shortly before a race. Good for the race organizers whom I spent hundreds or most likely thousands of Dollars on – bad for me who had to cancel such races as Cologne Marathon, Ironman Switzerland, Berlin Marathon amongst others.

After racing the half distance race at the Challenge in Kraichgau it took a long time for me to recover – even longer than usually and I never really got back on track. Then, about 2 months ago I caught another cold and no matter what I and the doctors did, it wouldn’t go away. 3 weeks went by and I went back to the doctors office. Blood- Urin- and other tests revealed nothing but the fact that I had to fire my doc. Well, it wasn’t really the results of the blood test rather than the fact how she answered my question : ‘honestly doc, something has to wrong with me. It can’t be that I get a cold 4-5 times a year and each of them takes 2-3 weeks to pass by when it takes 4-5 days for other people. And then there is those unexplainable energy losses during which I can hardly walk up my door steps at home’ Her answer was: ‘Well, that doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you – there is different types of people you know. Some have the runs 2-3 times a year and you simply have severe colds 4-5 times a year. It’s your type. You have to deal with it’. Well, I’d rather not repeat what was going through my mind at that point as I don’t want my future kids to read those words but let’s say I disagreed.

It just happend that thanks to a family recommendation I came accross a doctor with a very bad immune system herself during a trip down South Germany, just shortly after ‘quitting’ my doc. She immediately squeezed me into her busy schedule, did test no other doc had done before during my 10 years of complaining and she found out a lot of stuff. Stuff I first thought I’d rather not know but now I am confident I can deal with it, repair my body and come back stronger than I have been in the last 10 years.

It takes a lot of change but after just a week I started getting used to it and now after 3 weeks I really enjoy my new way of living. There is home cooking about 28 days a month, no gluten, no dairy, lots of potatoes, vegetables, fruit, no sweets at all, no alcohol, plenty of home squeezed fruit and veggie juices and it’s getting a little more natural every day.Fair enough, I am also getting infusions and have to do ugly ass cleanses but hey – it’s worth it.

I started seeing positive side effects after about a week. Mental allertness, body fat loss, much more relaxed and so on. Now after 3 weeks it is getting better every day and I even have the energy to squeeze in 3 short 30 minute runs each week.

Two days ago we started getting into baking our own energy bars and energy gels and today I am researching how to preserve them in a natural or as healthy as possible way.

I’ll post the recipe of yesterday’s baking session tonight when I am back home and can take a picture of the bars.

Rock on folks and even though I am not vegan, not vegeratian, fruitarian or anything like it (most certainly no breatharian :-)) I am telling you – chaning your diet around is gonna have a much bigger positive impact on your life than you ever thought.

Shoot me an email to if you wanna exchange ideas about healthy nutrition, natural ways of suplementing, products I am using and so on!!!




P.s. the picture is from last winter – this year no snow running for me. Need to watch out for the immune system 🙂

3 thoughts on “Health Issues

  1. Hi Till, liked your post. I have had 4 back surgeries culminating with a 2 level lumbar fusion that left me in severe chronic pain. I was referred to an organic liquid whole food supplement of Aloe vera and sea vegetables supplement by a friend who this helped him overcome 12 year knee problems. I know the combo of aloe/sea vegetables sounds yucky, but I can assure you it tastes great or I would have never taken it LOL. Within 3 months of taking this supplement my pain/inflammation was reduced ~ 70 percent. One of the other pleasant aspects of this product was the elimination of my horrible seasonal allergies and the flu/sinus infections I used to get every year. I have not been ill for the past few years and neither has my school aged daughter.
    I decided to refer this product out to other folks and discovered that my health results were typical with this product. I have spoken with many folks about how this product helped them regain their health including those with Epstein Barr.
    I have more information available on this aloe vera/sea vegetables supplement at my Blog

    If you click on the Blue Bottle on the right hand column of the page it will take you to a short informational video about Body Balance.

    Please email with any comments you have.
    Thanks Till,

    • Thanks for the post mate – it is always interesting to see what kinda products have helped other people. Products your usual doctor wouldn’t recommend cause it doesn’t fit their scheme.

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