Challenge Copenhagen – An all natural event!

As a result of coming down with the blood results mentioned in the earlier post we had to change our charity race TeamStreetkids a little and we will now be starting at Challenge Copenhagen to raise the 25,000 Dollar for new housing for the Streetkids in Kenya.

A direct effect of the health issues I am struggling with, I will approach Challenge Copenhagen on an all natural nutrition. This is not only leading up to the event but also during the race itself. After cutting refined sugars and similar products out of my diet I very soon began to see and feel the positive impacts on my energy levels and general body feeling. Therefore I decided to be staying away from all sorts of energy gels, energy bars you can find out there and to start baking and preparing my own energy bars and gels.

I have to admit there is till a lot to learn about the nutrition and prepping my body in an all natural way for the race but the first attempts aren’t all that bad and we I am stoked to actually line up at the start line of Challenge Copenhagen in about 8 months from now.

Until then – I am sure – I will have convinced my brother to do the same. All natural baby!! Bring it on!



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