24 Hour Charity Run

Hey guys, it is that time of year again when the system is run down from all the training, weather is turning bad (actually from sunny to rainy on an hourly basis) and you have to take your arm and leg warmers our again.

It is this time of year when my past and a very serious Epstein Barr infection I had in 2000 – 2001 is catching up again. So I am sitting here with a darn cold whilst writing this, knowing that I will have to allow myself a couple of weeks of rest before heading back into any form of sport.

To be exact – this is until September 19th at 4:30 PM EST – the date and time I will be starting in the Triabolos Relay Team at the annual 24  Charity Run around the Alster in Hamburg. It’s going to be a hell lot of fun. Up to 24 runners in a team and if you’re not running you are out there all night long supporting and cheering the others on. Of course – there is a bunch of ‘wild guys’ who decided to run the entire 24 hours themselves. As a matter of fact there is 9 or 10 guys already. Amazing.

In the meanwhile Lutz is still hoping to get a shot at Berlin Marathon but to be honest, he hasn’t been running in a couple of weeks as a result of some strange pain in his feet and just last week he had to pull out of a 10k half way through as he couldn’t take another step. So I am thinking – Berlin NO, support us at 24 hour run YES.

If any of you are around in Hamburg at that time – come by and support us at the Alster.

Rock on guys and awesome racing this weekend!! Our buddy Brandon from www.brandonsmarathon.com is racing IM Wisconsin – Bring it on!


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