We are Back!

Ok, fair enough – we have been a little out of touch lately but boy did the last year suck. Moved a couple of times, switched jobs twice and the performance went down, down, down.

A 5:37 with brutal cramps and a 1:55 half marathon at the Challenge Kraichgau Half Distance is not exactly a race to brag about. At least I screwed up my knee properly so I had to cancel the entire season now.

Whilst I am spending most of my time at the gym Lutz is at least trying to improve his running performance to run a personal best marathon at Berlin Marathon in September.

I know, I know, it all sounds a little depressed but hey – it’s all about what we make out of it. It gives me a lot of time to analyse last years training, work on my base and strength for at least 6 months without the pressure of racing for personal bests and even more time to try and test cool new gear and gadgets.

I just recently switched over to Tri11 Wetsuits – and hell boy – they rock. Super fast and even more comfortable. (Admittingly, in a world in which rich tourists can fly to the moon it kinda sucks that I still have to swim myself rather than pushing the ‘auto pilot button’ on my wetsuit – but nothing I can do about it :-))

Well, basically wanted to say hi again and let you know that we are back – don’t forget to check back in. I will be posting a couple of test reviews here over the next few days and get you ready and rocking for the ITU World Championship Race in Hamburg.

Rock n’ Roll folks.



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