The Pain of Missing a Race

As I feared, I didn’t get my body back in track in time for the Bulldog 50k. It is not the first race I have missed due to a cold but this race was different. The feeling is different.

It was really painful standing there at the finish line in the mountains above Malibu. Such a beautiful countryside, such a perfect setting for an ultra marathon. A race I couldn’t race even though I had prepared myself so well for it.

I was really looking forward to the race and to finishing my first ultra. Even now, a day later, I feel really sad. I went out for my first short and slow run after a week of laying on my back with a cold but this bad feeling – like a really sad pain – is still there.

The good thing though is that missing this race motivates me even more to get rid of this virus once and for all. I am highly motivated to get back into training and racing and even though it will take a lot of focus and effort to adjust my lifestyle in order to maintain my body health, I am sure that next season will be a great season. Maybe even this season.

Having my eyes set on the Santa Monica Ultra on November 23rd.

Time for me to feed my body.

Talk to you later.


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