The Common Cold – Time to Reflect

ColdAs annoying as having a cold is – and trust me: I am pissed off – it also gives you time to reflect, set new goals and think about what you need and want to change in life and training.

Even though 7 days is a little too much time for me to reflect (…and yeah, I tried running twice in between) it feel great to experience that urge to go out and pound out a good run, bike ride or swim.

Having my training a little more structured for the first time in my life has made such a change in my life. No more burn outs after 6 months of random “playing around” with endless miles finished off with a fairly unsatisfying marathon.

The next thing coming up for me besides Hanson Damm Sprint Triathlon is my first ultra marathon. The Bulldog 50k. 50k of off road fun in the Santa Monica Mountains with the heat trying to break you before you can reach the finish line. I know, I know most of my friends would give me ‘THAT’ look again but I know there are a lot of people out there who understand me/ (Yeah mom, not you. I get that :-))

I am really looking forward to the rest of the seasons, all the training and of course the challenge of waiting in early 2009. (looks like I am getting Ryon convinced to start on the East Coast on March 1st already.) Knowing that my brother Lutz will be joining me on this 5 -6 months road trip makes it even more exciting.

Time for some boiled garlic now to bring my immune system back to normal.

Rock n’ Roll everybody and thanks for checking in!



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