ITU World Cup Hamburg


What an awesome day at the ITU World Cup in Hamburg to watch the womens pro race. Ok, it rained a hell lot which definitely made it hard for the girls but hey, that’s what rain gear is made for… least for us spectators.

After getting there in the morning we had a great time talking to the guys from Rocket Science and Tri11 about their latest products and even though we didn’t swim the Rocket Science wetsuits yet – they certainly have a lot of interesting features. We will make sure to test them.

Hamburg always has an amazing atmosphere which you will hardly find at any other race on the circuit. One to get a feel of that was our friend Jenna Shoemaker
( ) who started in the womens pro race. Not only is there a hell lot of general support but in that case the whole gang of the Triabolos Triathlon Club Hamburg ( ) of which we are members, was routing for her along the race course. She told us after the race how amazing it was to have all those people – she didn’t know – shouting her hame.

Later that evening – after trying to get a quick hot chocolate with Jenna and some guys – which was impossible at Cafe Alex thanks to their shitty booking system, I had the great pleasure of getting a quick improvised bike fit by Lloyd from Cyclefit ( ) at the race hotel. Guys, I can tell you, it is amazing what this guy can do even without all his equipment on hand. I always though you can do a decent fit yourself by reading a couple of articles prior to it… Well, you might but getting fit by a guy like Lloyd is a revelation.

Unfortunately I had to miss out on Sunday’s race as well as our relay team as I had to work. I would have loved to see our team do as well as they did. 14th relay overall with the 8th fastest bike split by Lutz. Awesome job Martha, Lutz and Caroline.

Hamburg Relay


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