Ironman or Challenge Race Series

After Ironman has been dominating the long distance triathlon racing for a looooong time now, the guys from the Challenge Series are slowly closing in with new races popping up all over the world on a regular basis.

Of course Ironman is still out numbering the Challenge races by a multiple factor but the Challenge family is showing a controlled but fast growth. A Full Distance race in Denmark and a Half Distance race in Austria have just been added to the roster and there are rumors about races in South Africa and England for 2011. (Though we are sure that these aren’t the only newcomer races we will find in the Challenge Series 2011.)

Whilst Ironman definitely offers the bigger variety, an incredible infrastructure and has proven to provide an excellent race execution – in most races 🙂 – Challenge is makinga huge effort to maintain a family style atmosphere which makes every single athlete welcome at their races.

We have raced them both numerous times now but still we can’t make a decision on which is the better series.

Since we can’t really make a decision which one is the better series, we need your vote. On the right hand side of the screen you can leave your vote on our poll. Thanks for your opinion.

Rock n’Roll and happy racing!!
The TriDudes.

UPDATE: Challenge took a clear victory over Ironman in this poll – for us personally though – both races series rock and we are simply happy that we have the opportunity to race them both all over the world.


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