Being Home

Hi folks,

It has been a while since the last post and there is a definite need for some updates.

As announced I took a flight to Germany in early September – what an experience to fly with Air India. Whatever stereotype you can come up with, it’s true. I am still not sure how I made it but I got to Germany and of course I forgot to focus on my anti-jetlag diet which made me suffer for a couple of days.


Still I was able to keep up my training fairly well and I really enjoy not having my road bike with me and hitting the trails on my mountain bike instead. Even though I have to admit that for the first couple of rides I hated most parts of it. It is sooooo slow in comparison to a TT or road bike and I made my legs spin like crazy since I felt I had to go faster all the time.

With the right attitude even the colder and much more wet weather over here can be a lot of fun as you can see in the picture.

Running through the vineyards and completely forgetting about any energy gels or whatsoever for your long runs, because there is fresh grapes and apples everywhere, is a dream come true. I definitely had one of my best 3 hours runs ever here in the mountains. The trails, the black forest and the look over the Rheinebene when the sun is setting and you are coming down the mountains gives you a real kick.

To my surpirse I even lost 5 pounds since I got here. And that’s although I am eating so much stuff I would never eat at home. Having 7 nephews and nieces around who all want to play, swim, throw hoops and nick grapes in the vineyards, working in a Tuscany restaurant 5 days a week – sometimes until 2 am – and training for a marathon double with Cologne and Munich – makes for some really stressfull time and it is hard for me to keep up with my nutrition. (Yeah Julie – I know you would be kicking my butt if you were around)

Now it is 2 days until Cologne Marathon and I was not able to do most of my leg activation during this week cause my immune system finally gave in to 7 little ones having a cold and being around you all the time. I hope I will manage to get fit within the next 36 hours. With lots of water, tea, vitamin C and stuff like that.

And of course in addition to all that there is also the work on that needs to be done. We just started an awesome compression sock test which we will be conducting over the next 8 weeks at all kind of races and distances. So don’t forget to check out for updates on that.

Now I gotta run and quickly check with Jenna Shoemaker how here move to Australia was. Ever since she is over there it is hard to catch her online!

Later folks and enjoy training.



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