A Fun Day Cross Training


Hi folks,

What an awesome day in LA. The sun was shining nice and warm when Ryon, Adam and I went out on a slow run. We had to take it a little easy since Ryon’s ankle is still all swollen after a little skating accident.

A good reason to go long and focus on the form. We went down to the beach and Adam was with us on his longboard, taking pictures of Ryon and me running.

The run went well and we put in about 8 miles (not quite as much as we planned on doing but still a nice run).

After heading back Adam and I went for a quick skate. Well, put it this way: Adam took some time to show me, who never stood on a board before, how not to fall of a longboard.

Guys, I can tell you – this is a genius way of cross training. It works your core, your entire lower body (ankle strength, glutes, quads, calfs – everything). You’ll see me out there boarding a lot more now!!!!

Go and try it out when you get bored of just running the same route every day.

Heading of to the gym now to give the upper body some work.

Talk to you soon!


check out Adam at www.whoisadam.com and Ryon at www.americawithoutgas.com


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